The Damage Prevention Summit is an annual regional CGA partner event.

The focus is to bring stakeholders within a state or region together.  The purpose is to find ways of working together in the best interests of your local communities. The idea is that excavation safety issues on Main Street can best be resolved by the folks who work or live on Main Street.  Or at least care about Main Street in your city.  That would most likely be you and you and you!

The Summit is unique in that it brings stakeholders together so that if you’re really looking for better ways to work together… you’ll probably find them. Stakeholders typically represented are local elected officials, regulatory personnel, one call staff, excavators, locators and utility owner/operators.  The utility types generally represented at the Summit are gas, electric, phone, cable TV, water and wastewater.

Networking opportunities are made available through workshops, training sessions, live demos and informative exhibit halls.

The Summit is the place to network with experts who have a common commitment to protect your city or state’s underground facilities while keeping your communities safer places to live and work.

From proposed legislation at the state or federal level to learning about new technologies… or maybe you are just interested in meeting the people who are responsible for somebody digging in your town.  You need to know why it’s happening and who to call when it goes wrong. This is where you can find them.

That’s what the Summit is… a place for connecting!